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Marilyn Wines

2011 marks the 25th Anniversary of Marilyn Merlot

Value to the Collector
COMING SOON will be a full vertical set of Marilyn Merlot available to collectors. We include this at Playboy Collectors Gallery because of the association Marilyn Monroe has always had with Hugh Hefner, and the Playboy Empire. These bottles have increased in value every year, and I see no reason for the appreciation to decline

A Brief Synopsis On The Origins of Marilyn Merlot
Each new vintage of Marilyn Merlot is released on her birthday, around June 1st, and really sells out quickly. While collectors have made Marilyn Merlot one of the highest appreciating wines on the market, it is wine enthusiasts with a sense of humor who have long enjoyed the playful spirit behind Marilyn Merlot wines that are now also seeking the Marilyn Merlot because of the emphasis on making a notable wine from prized Napa Valley grapes. While the concept and engaging label of these wines has given these bottles a degree of frame, it is the wine in the bottle that merits the enthusiasm of those who seek it out every year.


By far the most expensive wine is perhaps the one you'd least expect, Marilyn Merlot. The 2001 Marilyn Merlot Napa offers a simple medley of berry fruit flavors and is nowhere near the elite from this tremendous vintage. Still, the allure of the famous actress—who is featured in different poses on the label each year—has resulted in one amazing following. The 1985 Merlot sells for $3,500 a bottle, and a vertical case from 1985 to 1996 costs $7,000. The last time I checked most Napa 1985s were selling for a fraction of what Marilyn commands, which goes to show you can't judge a wine by its winery.
            James Laube, The Wine Spectator, November. 30, 2003


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