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Playboy Price List-Info for Buying, Selling for Collectors

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More Rantings on Descriptions
Date added: Mar 27, 2019

         One other thing that gets under my skin and deceives buyers either intentionally or unknowingly is the use of grading terms with a clear and specific scale to indicate where that term is in relation to Mint. For example, a CGC graded issue has a scale that you can identify the ranking of that grade. (NG or 0.5 to 10.0). There are 25 levels of grading. So many titles and descriptions say in "Very Good" condition, without defining what very good actually is. It sounds good to the unaware buyer. I mean if something is very good you would assume that is better than most. Well, a "Very Good" rating on the universally accepted rating scale of the CGC ranking is a lowly 3.0 (just 6 levels up from NG or Junk) or 19 levels from the top. See what I am saying?

           This is just as bad as the sellers who abuse the word Mint. It is nearly impossible to attain that ranking, but I know one large seller that it seems every listing he has in Mint. Maybe it is, but the pictures don't indicate that. In this day and age you would think that these sellers can at least take a picture that is well lit and in focus.

           to be continued........

My Favorite Descriptions
Date added: Mar 24, 2019

Know your seller! I get amused by xome of the descriptions by clueless sellers on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. Here are some of my favorites:

Page 29/30 is loose and included mag is great shape!

(Factory sealed, but this seller magically knows there is a loose page?) be continued

CGC and CBCS Grading
Date added: Mar 23, 2019

Love them or hate them, it was probably inevitable that a grading system that was subjective and accepted by the collecting public had to be developed. Out of the frustrations of primarily comic book collectors, a universal grading system that was generally accepted by collectors was incorporated, utilizing such terms as Near Mint, Fine, Very Good, Good and Fair offering a scale from .5 to 10.0, with various increments in between totaling 25 possible grades for a comic submission.The days of using excellent and like new were gone from the conversations of collectors trading issues. The criteria for magazine differs from book condition gradings primarily because the binding and covers are substantially different, as well as different flaws result in different results.

CGC would be the first Third Party Grading Company to grade and encapsulate magazine size offerings. Followed by CBCS, these respected companies are the bane of some collectors, as well as the equalizer abd only authority for others.

Next: Making Sense of the Grade

August 1993 Hoax
Date added: Mar 23, 2019

On Another Note Regarding Valuations

If you read it on the internet it must be true.....right? Here is an excerpt from one of the Copy & Paste blogs/"News" sites.


We’re now stepping into the territory of those Playboy editions with multiple covers. Some of these are worth quite a bit, as we’ll see in the following entries. Pam Anderson has been on tons of covers (13 to be exact), but in 1993 she joined Dan Aykroyd, who was dressed up as a character from the 1993 movie Coneheads. During Playboy‘s “Year of the Rabbit” auction, a few years back in 2010, a copy of this cover was valued between $5,000 and $7,000.

Surprise, Surprise. Most can be bought for less than $25.00 in Near Mint Condition. The "OBE" Issue that sold was the original, one-of-a-kind mock-up with editor notations. Not a regular edition of the magazine. Let's not even get into the other 3 that are just popular, not valuable. Same with September 2009 (Heidi Montag) and November 1993 (Seinfeld)...Dream On, because they never sold for those insane numbers.


Why do we Grade?
Date added: Mar 22, 2019
All magazines are created equal. Over a period of time they deteriorate and they become unequal. Most issues are bought to be read and enjoyed. Sometimes, they are bought and immediately secured in a sleeve and acid free backing (which simply did not exist in the early years of Playboy). Collectors evaluate condition to establish pricing for copies. The better condition, the more desirable the issue. As a result, simple terms and grading were established, incorporating terms such as worn, average, excellent, new and so on.....Individual perspectives permeated the grading process....what this means is that your opinion of whats average differed from mine, even though we were examining the same magazine. This leads to disagreements on the value. Coming Next: Objective Grading

Hugh Hefner Autograph
Date added: Nov 24, 2017
We are happy to offer 2 New Playboy Issues featuring Hugh Hefners Autograph. Not just normal issues, but the Holy Grail Volume 1 #1 Premiere Issues. BOTH are CGC graded (9.4 and 9.0 respectively), encapsulated, and among the highest available on the planet. Get them here before they go to auction and sell for much more.

Collectors Insight
Date added: Sep 4, 2017
It appears that the 1960 Playboys are seeing an increase in proce for quality issues. CGC graded 9.0 and above seem to have started realizing nice prices.

Bettie Page Issue Sells
Date added: Aug 11, 2016
The 2nd Highest Graded January 1955 was recently sold at Auction (Heritage) on August 4th, 2016. The Description is as follows:
  • Playboy V2#2 (HMH Publishing, January 1955) CGC NM+ (9.6) White pages
There are 2 CGC 9.8 Issues in the Register, and 4 other 9.6 Issues. It sold for $2031.50 US. Pretty decent price, but it seems a little low for such a special issue in that great condition. It looks like the soft market for everything but the highest grades and earliest issues is continuing.

Playboy CGC Auction
Date added: Aug 7, 2016
Here are 2 results from the August Auction at Heritage.
August 4 thru 6, 2016
  • Playboy V1#8 (HMH Publishing, July 1954) CGC NM+( 9.6) White pages
    1314.50 US
  • Playboy V2#4 (HMH Publishing, April 1955) CGC NM+ (9.6) White pages
    1135.25 US
Reasonable Prices for 2 Very Nice Issues.

March 1954 CGC Sale
Date added: Aug 3, 2016
The 2nd Highest Graded March 1954 Issue recently sold for 3290.00. This 9.2 Beauty follows a recent Sale at Heritage Auction for over 4000.00 of a 9.4 Slabbed Issue. There are None Higher than the 9.4 at this time.

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