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Playboy Price List-Info for Buying, Selling for Collectors

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Date added: Nov 16, 2021
Playboy Volume 1 Number 1 CGC Graded 9.4 Universal Label Just Sold for an astounding $210,000.00 U.S. at Heritage Auctions.

Just had to post this!
Date added: Dec 13, 2019

The stench of unscupulous and clueless sellers has really taken over Ebay. Please tread carefully. Not only are the pictures dimly lit and out of focus...this is the actual description.

" All magazines are in good, fair to excellent condition, unless otherwise noted........"

I'd say that pretty much encompasses the whole scope of a grading scale LOL....unreal

The Beat Goes On!!!
Date added: Aug 27, 2019

Incredulously....this is an actual description after the title touts MINT CONDITION


Playboy Holiday Album 1970 - very first special MINT CONDITION! vintage erotica. Condition is Very Good.

For Real!!!!!
Date added: Aug 26, 2019

This is an actual cut and paste from another garage sale specialist selling Playboy.....

"Playboy magazines are in overall great condition (Some missing centerfolds)"


Playboy Price List
Date added: Aug 24, 2019
This Listing REALLY said this!
Date added: Aug 16, 2019

Playboy Magazine

July 1954

Centerfold Intact. Not attached

A few pen marks on front cover.

Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.


Deceptive Listing for #1
Date added: Aug 7, 2019

It is an ongoing battle for me personally. I simply do not want to see buyers/collectors duped into buying the reprint being represented as the original. By the time the unsuspecting buyer finds out, the seller is either long gone, or not responding to a refund request.

As of today there are 1 or 2 listed deceptively. This one is the most egregious.

eBay item number: 254204438455 


It is a reprint, being misrepresented as an original......


I missed this one
Date added: Aug 4, 2019

Yet another unwary buyer has been duped into buying a reprint for 520.00 on Ebay. Whether intentional or not, it was represented as an oriiginal first issue, with no decent pictures to indicate the 3 staples, BUT it had a front cover shot showing the rectangle (black) in the upper right corner instead of the square.

I will continue to try and warn my followers here and expose these scammers.

Please try to make your purchase wisely by buying from someonw who at least knows the Playboy line.

This is an actual description from Ebay
Date added: Jul 30, 2019

Please see photos for conditions- sold as is with no warranties or partial refunds. Scuffs dings to covers and edges, may have small tears and or dog eared pages. The centerfolds may be loose but are included. These are read copies, not perfect. May be some creasing but overall solid.

After all that is wrong with this issue, it is "OVERALL SOLID?"

How can you not laugh.......

Autographed Issues
Date added: Jul 27, 2019

There has been a substantial number of autographed issues permeating the sales offers at both Ebay and Etsy. I have to ask a question which seems obvious to me, but maybe that's because I am anal about some things.

Why in the world would you take a beat up, scuffed, aged issue when you are planning to get an autograph from a celebrity or athlete?

I have seen some nice Hugh Hefner autographs on some trashed issues that otherwise would be really nice on a decent issue. It's not like you did not know you were getting his autograph, so why would you use the worst issue you have??? Oh, I will make the issue marketable, when otherwise you could not give it away. OK...there is some validity to that...BUT could also get a higher sale price if the issue was in at minimum, Fine condition with no tears, scuffs, rips, indentations, blunted corners, etc..... If you spend $20 bucks on a decent issue, you could get 50 more dollars on the other end!

Just more confusion on my part.....If I was a Playmate signing a cover, I would probably decline signing an issue that looks like it was in the trash.

......Just Sayin'

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