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Hugh Hefner Autograph
Date added: Nov 24, 2017
We are happy to offer 2 New Playboy Issues featuring Hugh Hefners Autograph. Not just normal issues, but the Holy Grail Volume 1 #1 Premiere Issues. BOTH are CGC graded (9.4 and 9.0 respectively), encapsulated, and among the highest available on the planet. Get them here before they go to auction and sell for much more.

Collectors Insight
Date added: Sep 4, 2017
It appears that the 1960 Playboys are seeing an increase in proce for quality issues. CGC graded 9.0 and above seem to have started realizing nice prices.

Bettie Page Issue Sells
Date added: Aug 11, 2016
The 2nd Highest Graded January 1955 was recently sold at Auction (Heritage) on August 4th, 2016. The Description is as follows:
  • Playboy V2#2 (HMH Publishing, January 1955) CGC NM+ (9.6) White pages
There are 2 CGC 9.8 Issues in the Register, and 4 other 9.6 Issues. It sold for $2031.50 US. Pretty decent price, but it seems a little low for such a special issue in that great condition. It looks like the soft market for everything but the highest grades and earliest issues is continuing.

Playboy CGC Auction
Date added: Aug 7, 2016
Here are 2 results from the August Auction at Heritage.
August 4 thru 6, 2016
  • Playboy V1#8 (HMH Publishing, July 1954) CGC NM+( 9.6) White pages
    1314.50 US
  • Playboy V2#4 (HMH Publishing, April 1955) CGC NM+ (9.6) White pages
    1135.25 US
Reasonable Prices for 2 Very Nice Issues.

March 1954 CGC Sale
Date added: Aug 3, 2016
The 2nd Highest Graded March 1954 Issue recently sold for 3290.00. This 9.2 Beauty follows a recent Sale at Heritage Auction for over 4000.00 of a 9.4 Slabbed Issue. There are None Higher than the 9.4 at this time.

Playboy Collectibles Highly Regarded at Julienne's Auction in July
Date added: Jul 17, 2016
Seems that Playboy Memorabilia was in High Demand this past week at Juliennes Auction in LA. A prominent collector selling his prized memorabilia realized some nice prices for some of his items. Some samples are:
    • A collection of approximately 100 party invitations dating to the 1980s, for various Playboy holiday and company events. Also includes three event posters: a 1980 Halloween poster; a 2006 Halloween poster signed by Hugh Hefner; and a 2007 Midsummer Night's Dream poster signed by Hefner and the artist Olivia. (3,840.00)
Lots of nice collectible snagging good prices. Some items were lighter than expected, but most sold within estimates.

Recent Auction Prices
Date added: May 15, 2016
Some refreshing prices for the most recent Heritage Auction. 05/13/2016
  • Lot 91206-December 1953 (CGC 9.4) $71,700 V1 #1
  • Lot 91207-December 1953 (CGC 8.5) $10,456 V1 #1
  • Lot 91208-December 1953 (CGC 3.5) $3,824 V1 #1
  • Lot 91209-February 1954 (CGC 9.4) $2,151 V1 #3
  • Lot 91210-March 1954 (CGC 9.4) $4,302 V1 #4
  • Lot 31211-June 1954 (CGC 9.8) $4,063 V1 #7
  • Lot 91212-July 1954 (CGC 9.8) $1,374 V1 #8
A Few of these premiere items are among the highest graded Playboy Magazines on record. More prices for the Saturday Auction will follow.

We have the Highest Rated Playboy CGC census collection.
Date added: Mar 3, 2015
This incredible set has been updated yet again. An amazing set of pristine Playboys. An "AVERAGE" rating over 9.4 by CGC standards is just unheard of!

CGC Graded Collector Issues
Date added: Apr 24, 2013
We are now offering some CGC Graded Collectible Issues. The new category is listed under Playboy Back Issues.

Update to Ultimate Set
Date added: Apr 17, 2013
This exquisite, one of a kind collection has now expanded to 21 copies, all designated white pages and a grading of 9.0 by CGC or better.
In fact, The average grade for this PLAYBOY collection is a little better than 9.4 ("NEAR MINT")... and ALL 21 have exquisite "WHITE Pages"...If there is a better collection of the first 21 PLAYBOY magazines, I would love to see it!
This is an incredible set you may never see again available.

CLICK HERE to read our Description

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