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Bar Guide Editions


Pictured: April 1971

Playboy's Bar Guide

Beginning with the December 1959 Edition, Playboy Magazine included a nifty insert titled "Happy Hour Barguide". It included recipes for mixed drinks as well as tips on how to throw parties. Many collectors feel that this is an important part of the magazine, and must be "still attached" to the magazine spine for the edition to be considered complete. Any issues from the months below SHOULD indicate whether the Barguide is included. In fact, the 1st 5 Years COUNTED THE BAR GUIDE AS PAGES.

  • 1959-Playboy Magazine December Edition
  • 1961-Playboy Magazine November Edition
  • 1963-Playboy Magazine June Edition
  • 1964-Playboy Magazine December Edition
  • 1965-Playboy Magazine June Edition
  • 1966-Playboy Magazine December Edition
  • 1967-Playboy Magazine June Edition
  • 1968-Playboy Magazine June Edition
  • 1969-Playboy Magazine-June Edition
  • 1970-Playboy Magazine June Edition
  • 1971-Playboy Magazine April Edition
  • 1972-Playboy Magazine April Edition
  • 1973-Playboy Magazine April Edition
  • 1974-Playboy Magazine April Edition
  • 1975-Playboy Magazine May Edition
  • 1976-Playboy Magazine April Edition
  • 1977-Playboy Magazine December Edition
  • 1978-Playboy Magazine December Edition
  • 1980-Playboy Magazine April Edition
  • 1980-Playboy Magazine December Edition


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