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About VIP Magazine

V.I.P. Magazine

VIP Magazine was the official newsletter of the PLAYBOY Clubs and was sent to Club "key holders" through the mail, or copies could be picked up at any PLAYBOY Club. Due to the nature of the publication (a newsletter to be read!) and the methods of distribution, most copies show some signs of wear. We grade these in 3 classes (Good, Fine and VF/NM). Each issue is jammed full of pictures of the Clubs and Bunnies as well as celebrity visitors and extensive coverage of the featured entertainers. These magazines also contain a wealth of ads for numerous PLAYBOY products and are excellent for reference.

There were five issues of V.I.P. published in 1964 (FEB, APR, JUL, SEP, and ??), and three in 1965 (MAR, JUL, HOLIDAY). After that, a quarterly schedule (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) was established and continued from 1966 until publication ceased with VOL.47, Fall 1975. For some unexplained reason, after a lapse of nearly seven years, another issue was published in the summer of 1982. This is the nearly mythical "V.48". Since there is no evidence that this issue was ever mailed to Club key holders, the only way to have obtained a copy was in person at one of the Clubs.

Beginning with V.25 and continuing through V.47, each issue contained three coupons which could be detached and redeemed at a Club for the then-current issue of PLAYBOY Magazine, or in later years OUI Magazine as well. Needless to say, this was an extremely popular bonus, and a huge percentage of the copies still in existence are missing one or more of these coupons. Although the page containing the coupons was not included in the actual page count of the issue, most collectors find them highly desirable. Courtesy of Ken Ritchie